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"Dom is a wonderful and engaging Pilates Instructor. Her attention to detail is second to none. I have improved not only on a physical level but it has also improved my breathing (I am asthmatic) and general well-being 10/10"

Gail, UK.

"I honestly thought 2 weeks ago that I needed a hip replacement - walking & groaning like an old crone! Dom has been fantastic working her magic & making me move again. I feel so much better & no surgery required! She is patient & attentive helping you work through moves in a controlled manner. Her knowledge of the body is superb. I think about my posture all day & I have found muscles I never knew I had! Highly recommend- thank you."

Zoe, France.

Dom is a wonderful Pilates instructor! She is so enthusiastic about what she wants us to do, but warns [those of us of a certain age] not to exert ourselves beyond our limits. I enjoy her constant humour throughout the hour  which  certainly keeps us motivated! 
Pilates was something I avoided for years telling myself my walking was good enough. I was wrong! I should have done both! Joining Dom's class for some months now has been great for me. I look forward to every session and to see her smiling face!

Shama, UK. 

I am so very grateful to be having Pilates with Dom! She is excellent and in just 2 months I can already feel the difference in my body strength after having had hip replacement surgery, and in need of knee replacement surgery soon. Thank you so much for your very personal and professional approach, Dom! I highly recommend you!

Debbie, Barbados.

I want to thank you. You are just so very positive & encouraging. You took away all my fears that I had before I started.
I now feel I can achieve, God willing my goal which is to walk without my stick!

Shahnazi, Pakistan

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